Helping young people to achieve a successful career in law

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Welcome to Attwells Solicitors, a forward-thinking, dynamic, and contemporary legal firm.

Our vibrant and diverse culture is at the core of our values and we are dedicated to supporting young people to achieve a successful career in law.

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5-Star Solicitors with offices in Essex, London & Suffolk

At Attwells, our solicitors and conveyancers are known for being approachable, excellent communicators and attentive listeners. We believe in continuously improving our services based on customer feedback. With over 1,700 reviews on Feefo and an impressive 4.8/5 rating, our commitment to effective communication shines through.

But don’t just take our word for it, here is what the judge of the EADT Business Awards and CEO of Greater Anglia, Jamie Burles said about us:

This application along with their interview scored the highest in the category with clear commitment to customer service, having a dedicated role within the organisation monitoring and improving this for their customers. This business showcases the importance of customer service and shows their strong delivery of this. A great example of how customer service should be central to every organisation.

A very worthy winner of the Customer Excellence Award!

Plain-English Advice: We avoid complicated terminology when communicating with you. If you prefer calls over emails or letters instead of PDFs please let us know. We will adapt our service to suit your needs.

Same Day Call Backs: Don’t you hate it when your Solicitor never calls you back? We promise to return your call on the same day if you call before 3pm. We will also provide you with regular updates so you are not chasing.

Receipt of Documents: If you drop off, email, or post documents to us, we will let you know we’ve received them. We will confirm within 24 hours and we will review and report back to you within 5 working days.

Emails: Your Solicitor or Conveyancer will reply to your email within 24 hours. If it’s a small issue or question we will answer it there and then but if it’s more involved we will confirm receipt and when you can expect to receive a full response.

Trusted Advisor: We promise to support you in achieving the best possible outcome and therefore if we can’t help we will always recommend someone who can.

Progressive – Improving our Staff & The Firm

  • Being progressive does not mean that you must climb the career ladder, but that you want to improve the way you do your job. For those who want to climb the career ladder, there is a clear career progression structure at Attwells.
  • Improving the firm is about us seeking to be modern in all that we do and embracing change.

Personal – A Personal Interest in our Clients & Colleagues

  • Being personal is caring about each other and showing a personal interest in each other’s lives.
  • Caring about delivering an excellent service to our clients and helping them meet their goals.
  • Building a personal rapport by showing a personal interest in our clients.
  • Colleagues and clients can expect to be treated as a person and not a number.

Professional – Keeping Promises

  • Doing what you say you will do for clients even if that means staying late on occasion to do so.
  • If you promise a colleague something you do it promptly.
  • Your colleagues and clients can trust you. For a client, it will mean you become their trusted advisor. For a colleague, a friend.
  • Professionalism is not skin-deep and therefore it is not about the way you look but the way you act.

Positive – “A Glass Half Full Person”

  • We are not mood-hoovers.
  • We are “can-do” people.
  • Clients should experience someone who is a problem solver and looks to find solutions and not put barriers in the way of progress.
  • A positive person promotes themselves as a lawyer, the firm, its other services, and their colleagues.

Attwells 4Ps exist within a team environment where the firm’s interests prevail over personal interests. Everyone is treated equally whether you are a lawyer, a trainee lawyer, or a member of support.

We believe in fostering an inclusive and accessible pathway into law for all young people. By embracing individuals with different perspectives and life experiences, we enrich our collective knowledge and ensure a welcoming space for young professionals to thrive.

To achieve this, we offer work experience opportunities and apprenticeships in all three of our offices. We actively collaborate with schools, sixth forms, colleges and charities such as Inspire to raise awareness about the roles and skills required to enter the legal profession.

East Anglian Daily Times Business Award Winners