If you are using an overseas company then a £900 plus VAT supplement applies to cover the cost of the additional checks we need to undertake to onboard an overseas company as a client.

What are the disbursements for buying at auction?

SDLT will also be due and you can calculate by clicking on this link. If VAT is payable on the price the SDLT is payable on the price + VAT.

Land Registry Fees are due and will be payable based on the purchase price.

If the buyer is a company taking lending then a Companies House fee will be payable of £23.

In all cases, bankruptcy and final searches will be due of £20 plus VAT.

If the premises are leasehold then notice of the transfer of the premises will need to be served on the landlord, whose costs typically range from between £50 and £200. We will confirm the figure once it is made known to us.