Welcome to this week’s episode of The Property Pod, today I am joined by Lloyd and Jamie from our Employment team an they give their advice for small to medium-sized businesses and start-ups. 

So tell me a bit about the Employment Law Department and what you guys do? 0:25 seconds

What are the benefits of using a solicitor to draft legal documents instead of using an online template? 1 minute, 27 seconds

What are the benefits of a small business getting a retainer 2 minutes, 11 seconds

What protection does a business require in relation to data? 4 minutes, 48 seconds

What should an employer consider before hiring? 5 minutes, 45 seconds

Is an employer change the terms of employment once they have hired an employee? 6 minutes, 29 seconds

How can an employer best monitor the performance of an employee or employees? 7 minutes, 7 seconds

What should an employer do if they’re unhappy with how an employee is performing? 8 minutes 33 seconds

If an employee has only been working for a small business for a short period of time, what is the best way to end their contract? 10 minutes, 23 seconds

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