Whilst the average age of a first-time buyer in the UK may be 31, there’s nothing average about the feeling of excitement you get when you step through the door of your first home. However, getting a foothold on the property ladder can be as exhausting as it is thrilling. But as Attwells Solicitors explain, it’s possible to minimise the stress, not to mention the costs, with a bit of careful planning.

For most first-time buyers, there’s no sweeter taste than that first cheeky glass of fizz, drank from a mug, and enjoyed whilst sat on an unopened box in what will eventually become the living room. At that point, all the trials and tribulations of buying a first property quickly become humorous anecdotes to be rolled out at your housewarming party. So how do you reach this point with the least hassle possible?

Start with a conveyancer who cares. Once you’ve made an offer on a property, had it accepted, and started applying for your mortgage, you’ll need to line up a conveyancer. A conveyancer is a solicitor who specialises in the transaction of property ownership. They will carry out all the legal admin involved in your transaction, conduct relevant local authority searches, check the land registry, and do various other tasks. A good conveyancer will keep you abreast of developments, and communicate with you proactively, without using too much legal jargon, which can be confusing to the layperson.

At Attwells, our licenced conveyancers understand the pressures first time buyers are under, which is why we provide regular updates on how the process is going, and make ourselves accessible to you. It’s all about offering you the reassurance you deserve… after all you are paying us for a service.

Fixed fees on conveyancing for first-time buyers.

Talking about money, when getting the right conveyancer on board for your first home purchase, it’s important to understand how much this service will cost, so you can budget effectively. Not only will we provide a fixed fee conveyancing quote, which you can get instantly with our online calculator, but we promise no hidden fees, and even have a special first-time buyer deal. And remember, you’ll only have to pay this fee once your house purchase is completed.

Speeding up the process. Did you know that the average speed of a house purchase transaction in England is around three months? However, depending on what kind of chain is involved, this can take even longer. As a first-time buyer, you’re in a good position, because you won’t need to sell a property before you can move… a situation that comes with its own set of complexities. The Attwells conveyancing team will work hard to move your transaction forward as swiftly as we can, and let you know the proposed completion date as soon as possible, so you can start packing your boxes and planning the logistics of your move.

What can you do to speed things up? For a start, look at what you need to do to secure your mortgage before you’ve even found the house you wish to buy. As disingenuous as this might sound, the reality is, applying for your mortgage can bring up a whole selection of potential delays, which can hold up the house buying process for weeks and even months at a time. So having your mortgage as close to being ready to go as possible will help things progress. After all, a conveyancer can’t complete your purchase until they’ve got the money to send over.

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