This is a difficult time that we are going through. Not being able to meet up with family and friends being the worst, however, it has also given people the time to think about the future and to deal with matters that they have put off as they were so busy dealing with day to day life.

One of the things that we tend to put off is making a Will. With most of us, it is not because we do not believe that we won’t die, but because we are literally too busy to put time aside to consider what we want and to speak with someone who can help us make our Wills.

Now may therefore be the best time to make your Wills as Attwells are taking out of hours meetings via telephone/Skype or Zoom to make it easier for you  – but wait you cannot get witnesses – social distancing makes this impossible doesn’t it?

Admittedly it certainly doesn’t make it easier, particularly as in England and Wales all Wills must still be signed in the physical presence of two independent witnesses

This is not impossible however.

You can ask your neighbours or friends and still be safe.

  • You could take your Will outside into the garden place on a table or chair, sign and date, move away and then one witness move forward, with their own pen, sign and complete, move back, second witness move forward, with their own pen, sign and complete, move back. The Will can then be placed in an envelope and everyone wash their hands.
  • If you are in the vulnerable group and require shielding, you can sign your Will inside and your witnesses can look through the closed window. They can move back and you can pass outside and the witnesses can sign and complete and send back to the solicitor for you.

For more information please call 01473 229200.