What is the timescale?

We expect the services to take on average 4-6 weeks. However, this will depend upon a number of factors, some of which will be outside of our control. We will endeavour to complete the matter as quickly as possible within your timescales.

What is included in the service?
  • Firstly, negotiating the contract for the sale in accordance with the Heads of Terms.
  • Secondly, dealing with your enquiries of a legal nature with the seller’s solicitors.
  • Next, reporting to you on the terms of the sale.
  • Then, undertaking all necessary conveyancing searches and reporting to you on their contents.
  • Next, is the completion of the sale.
  • Plus, payment of SDLT (if any)

Finally, registration at HM Land Registry

What is excluded from the service?

  • Legal advice outside the scope of the service described above.
  • Advising and renegotiating the Heads of Terms.
  • Tax advice.
  • Work in connection with occupational tenants. Once any leases are ascertained then a fixed fee for dealing with any tenancies can be confirmed to you.
  • If the property is leasehold, the service does not include additional work in connection with the review of the headlease.
  • It does not include the costs of buying a business too. Please click here for more information on legal fees for buying a business.
  • Acting for an overseas company is an additional fee of £925 plus VAT

What disbursements might be payable on a purchase

  • SDLT will also be due and you can calculate your liability by reference to the following link.  If VAT is payable on the price the SDLT is payable on the price + VAT.
  • Land Registry Fees are due and will be payable based upon the purchase price.
  • If the buyer is a company taking lending then a Companies House fee will be payable of £23.
  • In all cases bankruptcy and final searches will be due of £25.
  • If the premises are leasehold then notice of the transfer of the premises will need to be served on the Landlord whose costs typically range from between £50 and £200. We will confirm the figure once it is known to us.

What disbursements might be payable on a sale

  • Office Copies – £30.00