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Debt Recovery

Cash flow is the lifeblood any business. If your business is owed money by another business you could benefit from our fixed-fee business debt recovery service.

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Debt recovery letters

If your business is owed money, Attwells Solicitors can help you recover your debt. We can do this by sending a ‘chasing letter’ known as a Letter Before Action (LBA) and warn against further legal action.

Attwells Solicitors can help you take court action if required by issuing court claims, obtaining a CCJ (County Court Judgement).

We can provide your business with a ‘Letters Before Action’ service, which costs £150.00 plus VAT at 20% per letter. These will be sent via Recorded Delivery to ensure the recipient receives the letter. Where an email address has been provided, your solicitor will also email the recipient via our CASE Management system at no extra cost.

As per the pre-action debt protocol rules set out by the Courts, the debtor must respond within 30 days. Once we have a response, we can offer you advice on the next step. The next step very much depends on their response but can range from payment to starting proceedings.

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What happens if the debtor doesn’t pay?

This is rare but where the debtor has failed to make a payment or agree a settlement or payment plan, we can act on your behalf to issue a county court claim.

If no defence to the claim is received within 14 days, we can enter default Judgment (CCJ). We can then advise on how to enforce the CCJ against the debtor and their assets.

From sending a Letter of Claim to entering default Judgment is likely to take between 6 to 8 weeks but often the debtor pays after receiving the Letter of Claim.

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What are the stages involved in recovering debt?

  1. Letter of Claim sent by email and post
  2. Response from debtor within 30 days
  3. We will advise you on the debtor’s response and advise on what action to take
  4. If no response is received within 30 days, we can issue proceedings on your behalf
  5. If no defence to the claim is received within 14 days, we can enter default Judgment
  6. We can then advise on how to enforce the judgment against the debtor and their assets

Who will be recovering my debt?

Our debt recovery team is made up of paralegals who have one to seven years of experience, qualified solicitors with at least four years of experience. In addition, all of our conveyancing teams are supervised by our Partners who have over 10 years of experience working in ligation. For more information on who will be doing your debt recovery please click here.

How much does debt recovery cost?

Every debt recovery matter fee is based on individual circumstances such as the debt amount and/or the stage the debt recovery reaches. To help you understand the costs involved we have put together a useful pricing table. Please click on the button below to find out more. For more information regarding what is included in our service please click here.

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