If you are thinking of carrying out works to your flat you should first check whether landlord’s consent is required. If you don’t, you could be in breach of your lease and face action from your landlord.

This short article highlights some of the common works flat owners undertake which can require landlord’s prior written approval.

Do I need landlord consent?

It may seem obvious to seek landlord’s prior written consent before commencing loft conversion or extension works, however, your lease may state that landlord’s consent is also required before carrying out less complex works, such as the erection of a stud partition wall, to create a new room.

These days wall-to-wall carpeting throughout flats may be a thing of the past, but before taking the time and incurring the expense of installing wood/laminate flooring you will need to check whether it is permitted under the terms of your lease.

Window installers may be able to satisfy building regulations requirements, under a self-certification scheme, however, you will first need to check whether your lease permits you to replace or alter your windows to your flat, if at all, without landlord’s prior written consent.

A lack of landlord’s prior consent can not only open flat owners to action by landlords but can also delay the conveyancing process, should they decide to sell.

As property law specialists we can review your lease for you and advise you on its requirements specifically in relation to your intended works. For more information please call Attwells Solicitor‘s enquiries team on 01473 229 200 .