At Attwells we work within a fixed fee structure for many of our services to ensure that our clients can see in advance how much they are expected to pay.

Leasehold extension – notice of claim: our fees for taking your instructions, liaising with your valuer, preparing the notice, and ensuring that it is properly served on all of the relevant parties. Our fees for this are fixed at £395 + VAT.

Registering the notice of claim: £150 + vat plus Land Registry fee £40.

Landlords response: Our fee for receipting and reporting to you on the counter-notice are £150 + VAT. 

Negotiations to respond to the landlord’s counter-notice: £250+ VAT. 

First-tier (property) tribunal – this is sometimes required but usually avoided – our fee for making the tribunal application is £525 +VAT. Our fees for preparing the documents necessary to present your case at the tribunal are £525 + VAT (this does not include the cost of presenting your case which will involve the instruction of your valuer or an expert barrister). These costs are only incurred in about 5% of all cases we deal with.

Our fees for completing and registering the new lease (including negotiation and all associated advice) are £950 + VAT plus a Land Registry fee of £40 and final searches at £10.

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