It costs a lot to train to become a lawyer

For many, following the traditional path of going to university and studying law for 3 years appears to be the only route to a legal career. After you have completed your degree, if you wish to become a solicitor, you must then complete your SQE 1 and 2 (further exams) and then secure 2 years of work experience (this is paid). The whole process is a 6-year commitment when you cannot earn much but still incur expenditure. No wonder people think that it costs a lot to become a lawyer or that it is a career reserved for the wealthy!

As someone who hasn’t followed this traditional route, I am proof that this doesn’t have to be the case and many firms around the UK are encouraging people from different backgrounds to work with them as an alternative way to become a lawyer.

Working in a law firm whilst studying to become a lawyer also means you are earning whilst working – and who doesn’t want that?!

It costs a lot to train to become a lawyer – Becoming a Conveyancer

When I first started at Attwells I was unsure about how to work my way up to becoming a conveyancer. I had no background knowledge on law at all, not even at GCSE or A-LEVEL, and University did not appeal to me.

When I first started my main concern was, “how am I going to afford to live, and have the time to study whilst working?” But Attwells, like many law firms today, offered the funding and support for me to work my way up into a Conveyancing Role via CILEX and CLC programmes.

Studying through CILEX enables you to work in different sectors of the law and qualify into the area you enjoy most. I have started my qualification to become a Licenced Conveyancer (CLC) all whilst working and earning money!

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