The Cost of Law – What is included in our price?

In 2018 the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) introduced price transparency regulations with the aim of informing consumers prior to instructing a solicitor. This was after a public survey confirmed that the most common barrier to obtaining legal support was uncertainty around cost.

Since 2018 Attwells Solicitors have welcomed the SRA’s changes, becoming one of the first law firms locally to publish their prices. With the launch of their new website, clients will be able to not only receive an online quote 24/7 for all of the firm’s main services but will also be able to instruct online.

While modernising their service offering, Attwells have also adapted their educational programmes to help reduce youth unemployment. Throughout the multiple lockdowns, Attwells continued to hire new staff.  Since the start of the pandemic, they have also been offering both work experience and apprenticeship placements to college and university leavers remotely.

Attwells provide a number of services that have been affected by SRA price transparency rules including conveyancing. In addition, Attwells also publish client reviews so that buyers can be well informed when choosing to instruct.

It has been rumoured that the SRA also plan to introduce mandatory review publishing for all law firms across England and Wales to improve buyer choice. A recent article by Aualtrics suggested that over 90% of consumers read reviews before purchasing. With Attwells already publishing over 1,400 reviews, they are one of the first advocates for online reviews locally.

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