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ID Checks, Witnessing or Certifying Documents

We are able to handle the completion of Land Registry ID1and ID2 Forms which relate to identity checks. These are forms land registry may require if you are submitting something to land registry without being represented by a solicitor.   Our current charge is £99 plus VAT. We will also need to carry out an electronic Id check which costs £15 + VAT per person. You will need to be able to attend one of our offices.

Please get in tough if you would like a formal quote and to book an appointment.

This is a document that you will need to have confirmed in the presence of a solicitor. You would swear on a bible or other religious book or affirm if you are non-religious.

We can only swear documents that we have not prepared.

Our fee would be £5 for the main document and £2 for any exhibits. This would be payable by cash at the appointment.

Please get in touch to book an appointment.

A “Certified Copy” is an exact copy of an original document. A solicitor will copy the document and sign it to confirm that it is identical to the original. The wording of the Certification will depend on the precise requirements of those asking you to provide it.

Our charges for certifying documents start from £50 + VAT. It will depend on the size of the document.

If you require identify documents to be certified, an additional fee of £15 + VAT per person is needed to undertake an electronic identity check.  We can only certify identity document if you attend with your documents in person.

** This service is for existing clients only **

Sometimes documents require a solicitor or professional to witness them. This means you sign in the presence of someone else who also signs. Our fee for this would be £50 + VAT for the first document and £10 + VAT for any additional documents done at the same time.

Please note this is for documents that require no legal advice.

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