Welcome to this week’s episode of The Property Pod. Today I am joined by April from Scrutton Bland and we’re talking about insurance for homeowners. 

Tell me a bit about Scrutton Bland? 0:25 seconds

What insurance policies should people consider when they’re moving into their new home? 1:28 seconds

What’s the difference between content and building insurance? 3:09

If I have a mortgage will my mortgage provider require me to have building insurance and will they arrange this for me? 4 minutes, 3 seconds

If I’m renting  property, what type of insurance cover do I need? 4 minutes, 50 seconds

Do you require insurance if the property is empty? 5 minutes, 31 seconds

Would a standard content and building insurance policy be suitable for a second home? 6 minutes, 8 seconds

What type of insurance should a business owner have? 7 minutes, 10 seconds

Why do you think first-time buyers should get life insurance? 9 minutes, 38 seconds

Can I still get life insurance if I have a pre-existing health condition? 10 minutes, 39 seconds 

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