Fees will be payable on producing the documents for you to sign.  If you decide to withdraw instructions part way through the work we are undertaking for you, 50% of the fee is payable if we have undertaken work not that the fee is limited to the deposit we have asked for upfront.

Additional pricing options:

  • A single will and couples LPAs for £700 plus VAT
  • Couples Wills and one LPA each for £900 plus VAT

What is included in the price for Lasting Power of Attorney:

  • Meetings at your local office to take instructions and sign the documents
  • Registration of your LPA
  • Storage in our secure vault (if required)

What is excluded from the price for Lasting Power of Attorney:

  • Home/hospital/care home visits
  • Issues relating to capacity
  • Tax advice
  • Advice on benefits
  • Legal advice outside of the service requested

Disbursements for Lasting Power of Attorney:

£82 per document registered with the Office of the Public Guardian. However, people on low incomes or on certain benefits may qualify for reductions or a complete waiver of this cost. Also, you may wish to carry out a bankruptcy search, an optional cost of £20 + VAT. Disbursements are payable before we incur the cost.