Team Attwells

Team Attwells are the people behind our excellent client care.


Our admin team is at the core of our business, this team is truly protective and supportive.

Marketing and Sales

Next, we have our marketing and sales team, a group of creative individuals who help to drive the company’s success.

Auction Lawyers

This is our first legal team. The auction team headed up by Tanya provide legal pack reviews and completions for those buying or selling property at Auction. They work closely with Auctioneers across the South East.

Commercial Law & Property Development

Next, we have our commercial Law team who specialise in commercial and corporate law. The team is also home to property development lawyers, Nick and Rrjedha.


Our conveyancing team is the largest department within Attwells. Laura oversees our conveyancing with department heads managing the day-to-day operations. The majority of the people within our conveyancing team are local to the office they work in and most of them started their career with us.

Our approach to conveyancing has allowed our conveyancing team to reflect the community they serve and has allowed us to give opportunities to many young people.


Then we have our employment team. A real corporate jewel of Attwells, if you have an employment issue Lloyd and team are the lawyers you need.


Another corporate department, our ligation champions the landlord and protects tenants. We offer a range of legal services tailored to the needs of property investors.

Private Client

The private client team provide personal legal services. They are a team of caring individuals who blend their legal prowess with compassion to protect you and your family.

Our Consultant

David provides continuity to his former David Morgan Jones clients who are now served by us.


Next, our partners are a group of lawyers who are considered experts at the top of their profession.

The Board

Finally, our Board oversees the progression of the firm.