Private client legal expert Laura Harrington-Rutterford offers some pearls of wisdom regarding Declarations of Trust. These are the two common stories Laura hears around couples owning property together:

If there is one sentence that would make me rich if I could earn 10p for every time I heard it in Private Client it would be:-

I trust my partner and I don’t need to put in writing that we own the property in unequal shares!!

My response is always, of course, you trust your partner otherwise you would not be making such a big commitment in living together and purchasing a property together – but do you trust your partner’s mother/father/sister/brother/children!

Why does that affect you?

Well if you own the property as tenants-in-common, what would happen if something happened to your partner? Has he made a will? If not or if he has but not left his share in the property to you, then you could find yourself financially disadvantaged. Your partner’s mother/father etc. may not know of your agreement or may not care.

Declaration of Trust Myth

I put in the deposit when we purchased, so I will automatically be entitled to this back if we sell’.

This is not true – you would not automatically be entitled to any deposit back just because you were the one that put it down. Owning property together is a big step and it is always good to organise and formalize the agreement in writing.

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