The once Roman capital of Britain, Colchester is now the fastest growing town in East Anglia with pockets of communities and new infrastructure being built as part of new build sites. Planning has been approved for construction on sites across Colchester expanding as far as the A12 to the A133. These new build properties may be just what you want in a home and may mean that you can start to plan for your future.

Building developments

The new build sites offer excellent opportunities for first-time buyers to get onto the property ladder with the Government equity loan initiative, Help to Buy scheme. It has been reported one-third of all new homes are purchased via this method of refunding. An additional method for first-time buyers is shared ownership, where you purchase a percentage of the house and pay rent on the remainder. This method allows first-time buyers to have lower mortgage repayments making it more likely they would be able to afford the mortgage.

Attwells Solicitors have developed a first-time buyer package in order to reduce fees and keep things simple. We offer conveyancing for first-time buyers from £399 plus vat. Of course terms and conditions apply however the package has been widely welcomed throughout Suffolk and we are delighted to now be able to offer this to Essex with our recent move to Colchester.

Solicitors in Colchester that can help you plan for your future

Our new office is on North Hill, in Colchester Town Centre. We offer a range of property law and planning services. It’s also worth noting if you view a property and think you would like to build an extension or outbuilding please mention this to your conveyancer.

Attwells can arrange your planning permission at the same time as completing your conveyancing. By making a planning application on completion you will be saving yourself money and time. Once granted planning permission is valid for three years which is normally enough time for you to save your pennies for that required building work. However, if it is still an issue you only need to make a start for planning permission to continue.

Attwells Solicitors are the only solicitors in the East that can assist you from planning to selling. We are unique in the fact we are property experts for developers, personal and commercial buyers, and sellers.

For more information regarding conveyancing, planning or any other property law matter please call Attwells on 01206 766333.