Hi and welcome to today’s episode of the Property Pod, today I’m joined by  Will from our Litigation team and we discuss possessions proceedings.   

What types of legal measures can you put in place before renting a property to protect against rent arrears? 0:21 seconds

What is the best way of documenting a tenant’s pattern of behaviour? 1 minute, 40 seconds 

How do you document any late payments? 2 minutes, 28 seconds

What’s the best way to communicate with your tenants once any late payments have occurred? 3 minutes, 5 seconds

If a tenant has stopped paying rent and there’s no reasonable expectation of payment, is it possible to evict them? 4 minutes, 6 seconds

What timescales are involved if you’re looking at court action? 5 minutes

What are the costs for a possession claim and is it possible to recover these from the tenant? 7 minutes, 21 seconds

How can a landlord claim back unpaid rent? 9 minutes, 4 seconds

What should you do if the tenant has caused any damage to the property and how do you recover the cost for this? 10 minutes, 24 seconds

 Are there any changes on the horizon? 12 minutes, 50 seconds  If you enjoyed this episode, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!