Employee Employment Tribunal Claim – Pricing Table

Around 80% of our client’s Employment Tribunal Claims settle before the final hearing. Therefore, we have broken down the key steps in an Employment Tribunal claim, what is included within each step, and the price applicable to the same.

All prices are exclusive of  VAT.

Unfair Dismissal
ACAS Early Conciliation £550.00 + VAT £700.00 +VAT
Drafting and Submission of Claim to Employment Tribunal £550.00 +VAT £700.00 +VAT
Preliminary Hearing (where applicable) £700.00 +VAT £900.00 +VAT
Schedule of Loss £400.00 +VAT £550.00 +VAT
Collation and submission of disclosure £300.00 +VAT £425.00 +VAT
Review of  Respondent’s  documents (up to 100 pages) £300.00 +VAT £400.00 +VAT
List of Issues (where applicable) £550.00 +VAT £700.00 +VAT
Drafting of Witness Statement (per statement) £550.00 +VAT £700.00 +VAT
Exchange of witness statements £300.00 +VAT £400.00 +VAT
Instruction of Barrister £300.00 +VAT £400.00 +VAT
Representation at Employment Tribunal (where no barrister instructed) £950.00 per day +VAT £1,250.00 per day +VAT
Attendance at Employment Tribunal (where barrister representation present) £550.00 per day +VAT £750.00 per day +VAT
Receipt and review of Employment Tribunal Judgement £300.00 +VAT £400.00 +VAT