With the outbreak of the Coronavirus people in the UK are facing extremely challenging times with the elderly members of our community most at risk.

Many older clients would have remembered the Second World War, all be it as children, but those we’ve spoken to can’t remember a situation quite like this. The biggest problem is the enemy is hidden, the virus can be passed so easily by simply touching people or objects, hence the Government’s advice which limits every life.

At Attwells Solicitors we pride ourselves on offering jargon-free law, therefore we wanted to share with the Essex community a couple of practical legal ways you can protect your home and family.

Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney sometimes known as an LPA provides you with a legal ‘understudy’. It allows another person, maybe an adult child, partner or trusted friend to make decisions on your behalf. These decisions can range from financial to health. An LPA can allow a person or people known as the ‘attorney’ to, for example, pay bills on your behalf or access money from your bank account.

Therefore, an LPA can be extremely useful if you are ill or self-isolating. It’s also worth noting an LPA can be dissolved or power removed at any time. An LPA is not an ongoing legal agreement and can be used in the short term, even for making business decisions. The only requirements are that you are over 18 and have the capacity to agree to an LPA.

If you are interested in preparing an LPA simply call our Colchester office on 01206 766333. Our LPA’s can be undertaken remotely, we can offer you guidance on this if required.

Writing a Will

Without meaning to alarm anyone now is probably a good time to look at writing a Will regardless of your age or health. At present, it’s reported over 50% of UK adults don’t have a Will. Having a Will is one of those things no one wants to do or think about which is understandable. However, a Will does offer protection for your partner, children, and other family members.

This is so important in today’s modern world, with blended families and with so many of us having multiple key relationships. Without a Will, the Government decides how your estate and assets (money, house, car) are divided and who gets what.

This scenario is particularly stark if applied to children therefore, it’s important you write a Will and update your Will after key life events such as buying a house or getting married.

Our Will writing service is now being offered as a remote service from £235 and can be fast-tracked if required. For more information regarding Will writing please call 01206 766333 or click the links within this article.