Possible additional fees

If the matter does not proceed then a proportion of the above fee will be payable based on time spent. In addition to the fixed fee above the following fees may also be payable:

  • Payable in all cases – Bank Transfer Fee (per transfer) – £40 plus VAT
  • Payable in all cases – Electronic Identification Fee (per person) – £10 plus VAT
  • If property forms part of the company then searches – £550 plus VAT


If there is a property Land Registry Fees may apply.

What is included?

  • Creating the Disclosure Bundle and dealing with Due Diligence
  • Drafting or negotiating the contract for the sale of the shares or assets
  • Drafting or negotiating the standard ancillary documents to the share or asset transfer
  • Undertaking all the necessary title and other searches for any Property (Share Only)
  • Reporting to you on the terms of the sale or purchase
  • Completion of the sale or purchase of the shares or assets

What is excluded?

  • Legal advice outside the scope of the service described above
  • Advising and renegotiating the Heads of Terms
  • Tax advice
  • Accounting or non-legal due diligence
  • Transferring any Property (Asset Only- Additional Fees apply)
  • Transferring any employees (Asset Only- Additional Fees apply)
  • Any work in connection with Banks and lenders with regards to lending and security as part of the transaction
  • Updating of company books