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Auction Solicitors in London

Auction conveyancing is a method of buying or selling property at an auction. Buying at auction is a great way to develop your property portfolio or begin one. Alternatively, selling at an auction can help you achieve a quick sale. It can also enable you to sell a property that requires structural work or alterations. Call 01473 229866 for a quote.

Auction Conveyancing in London – Legal Pack Review

Attwells‘ team of auction lawyers can provide you with a fixed fee to review an urgent auction pack, in addition to identifying the risks for you. We pride ourselves on being able to offer clients a 48-72-hour turnaround from the point of receipt of your legal pack.

Importantly, our auction solicitors recommend you obtain legal advice prior to committing to a purchase. As a result, the contents of an auction legal pack will be reviewed as per our auction conveyancing service.

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Buying or Selling Property at Auction – Attwells Solicitors

Summary Review of a Legal Pack – Auction Conveyancing

As part of our package, our auction solicitors are able to offer a Summary Review which includes a report dealing with the following points:

  • Firstly, are there any additional costs or overly onerous conditions in the contract?

  • Is the title clear?

  • Plus, is there anything specific in the content of the legal pack which we believe is likely to cause an issue for your intentions for the property?

  • Do any searches contained in the legal pack contain any adverse entries?

  • We’ll review of the statement of account (if applicable)

  • Are there any arrears of ground rent, service charge or rent under tenancies apparent from the content of the legal pack?

  • Equally, are there any major works pending apparent from the content of the legal pack?

  • And are there any notice requirements of a freeholder or management company apparent from the legal pack?

  • Is there anything missing from the legal pack which would normally be included?

  • Based on the content of the legal pack, is the title to the property likely to be good and marketable?

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Full Legal Pack Review – Auction Lawyer

If you require a more detailed review when undertaking auction conveyancing then a Full Review Service is available.

Our auction solicitors always advised obtaining legal advice on the contents of an auction legal pack prior to committing to a purchase. However, in the event that you do decide to proceed without the legal pack being reviewed prior to the auction our team of auction solicitors are able to assist with facilitating completion. The following are included in this service:

  • Firstly, a review of the legal pack and provision of a summary report to you highlighting any fundamental issues

  • Secondly, arranging your signature to the transfer document

  • Next, transfer of completion funds to the vendor’s legal representative on the date of completion

  • Then, submission of an SDLT return to HMRC if required

  • Next, submission of an application for registration of the transfer to Land Registry following completion

  • Finally giving of notice of assignment to a Landlord or Management Company if required

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Modern Auction Lawyers

A modern auction is an auction that is conditional up until the exchange of contracts and is different from the traditional method of auction where once the hammer falls, contracts are in effect exchanged and you are legally bound to complete.

Under the modern auction method at the end of the auction, the successful bidder must place a non-refundable reservation fee with the auction agents to reserve the property.

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Property Finance

Property finance is a type of bridging finance. When the hammer falls at the auction, you have effectively exchanged contracts, with completion following between 10 and 20 working days thereafter.

Bridging loans for Auctions

This is not enough time for most mainstream lenders to arrange completion funds – so unless you are a cash buyer a specialised Auction Bridging Loan will usually be required. Bridging Loans are usually arranged within a short time frame. Bridging finance is useful to gain capital quickly and typically is an interim solution until a lower-interest, more long-term solution can be found. As the name suggests, they exist to “bridge” a gap.

  • Refurbishing a property

  • Complete a development

  • Purchase property that is unsuitable for lending from a mainstream lender

  • Bridge a finance gap between the acquisition of one property and the sale of another, etc

However, since it is for a specific short-term purpose, interest rates can be higher than traditional term loans.

Therefore, a properly advised client will have done their due diligence on the property before the auction and will know any issues that may be affecting the property. You should also obtain an Agreement in Principle from the lender prior to the auction so that you know how much the lender is willing to lend you if you overstretch and cannot obtain funding, you may lose the 10% deposit you will be required to pay on the exchange of contracts.

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Who will do my work

Our auction team comprises of a legal assistant and a paralegal with one to seven years of experience, and qualified conveyancers and solicitors with at least four years of experience. In addition, all of our auction teams are supervised by Associates and Partners who have over 10 years of experience working in auctions and residential conveyancing.

Tanya Warnes
Tanya WarnesSenior Lawyer
I specialise in property development work, advising both landowners and developers on the sale and acquisition of land using a variety of transactional structures as well as negotiating and drafting overage provisions and rights over property on behalf of clients.

Additionally, I oversee Attwells’ auction conveyancing team and attend local property auctions in the Ipswich area to offer advice to prospective auction purchasers.

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