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Business Lawyers in London

Providing SMEs across London with outstanding legal support

Being a business owner, regardless of the business size, you are likely to require business law legal support. Obviously, the degree will differ from medium to large enterprises. However, it’s wise to consider the future implications if you are wanting to grow your business.

If you own an SME, seeking business advice and creating strategies will help protect your business and allow it to grow. It is easy to overlook the importance of legal documents such as terms and conditions, shares, and joint venture agreements. It’s those legal safeguards that could save you thousands in the future.

For large enterprises, we would suggest a review of your core legal documents, especially if some time has elapsed since you prepared them. This applies even if a solicitor prepared them as your business needs may have changed along with your industry or business generally.

Our Commercial solicitors and Employment lawyers can help.

  • Fixed fees – Attwells Solicitors are always willing to offer our business clients fixed fees as this allows you to budget.

  • Business legal support retainers – In an effort to support local SMEs businesses, we offer retainers. This allows you to receive legal support regarding business or employment law matters.

  • Available to talk – We understand business owners tend to have little time, therefore rather than just sending lengthy emails we pick up the phone to explain. Our lawyers are good communicators.

Attwells Solicitors, for trusted business legal services in Suffolk, Essex & London

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We take the time to explain how changes within business law affect your business. From starting up a business to employment law, Attwells demystify the latest news.

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