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North London Conveyancing

Attwells Solicitors specialise in conveyancing. We are conveyancing solicitors with an office in heart of the affluent St John’s Wood.

Conveyancing Lawyers in North London

Importantly, our lawyers specialise in residential conveyancing. Therefore, you will benefit from our local knowledge, with most of our conveyancers living in or to North London.

As well as being a niche property law firm in North London, Attwells is considered excellent value for money by Review Solicitor. Plus, offer a service promise and fixed fees.

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Simply click the button below to receive an instant conveyancing quote. When happy, click the accept button to instruct us online and begin the process. This can be done in seconds using your mobile phone.


Attwells are conveyancing solicitors
Attwells are conveyancing solicitors

What is conveyancing?

Conveyancing is required when buying and selling a property, as it is the legal process of transferring property to or from a new owner. Therefore if you are buying or selling a residential property you will need a conveyance.

How long does conveyancing take?

Accordingly to a recent article published by Rightmove conveyancing in 2022 is taking 150 days. This is from sold subject to contract to moving home. That is 66 days longer than the popular 8 to 12 weeks coin in 2019 but still quoted by most solicitors today.

However, our conveyancing median in 2022 is 126 days from the day you instruct us to the day you move home. As a result, by instructing Attwell you could move home faster.


What you can expect when instructing Attwells Solicitors

What happens during conveyancing?

  • Accepting The Quote – Simply click the accept button within your email or agree the fee over the phone.

  • Paying money onto your account – We require money on account. This allows us to start your conveyancing and complete your ID checks. Payments can be made online, 24/7. This will be taken off your final bill. In the unlikely event your conveyancing falls through, Attwells offer a no move, no fee promise.

Your conveyancing is underway 30%
We’ll be asking you for information…
  • Welcome Pack – Your conveyancer will send you a welcome email with a few basic documents. These can be filled in and signed using your phone.

  • Mortgage Valuations – Your mortgage provider will require a valuation of the property you wish to buy. The valuation is designed to confirm the property you are buying is worth the same or more than the value of your mortgage.

You’re lender is happy 50%
A big milestone is fast approaching…
  • Send Reports – Everything outlined above (mortgage details, searches and draft contract) is reported to you. Our reports are written to be simple to read. However, if you prefer your conveyancer can talk you through your report. Below, is a list of frequently asked questions.

  • Signing Your Contract – Once you are happy after reading all the paperwork your conveyancer will send you your contract to sign. At this point, we will ask you for your 10% deposit.

It’s all been confirmed 80%
  • Searches – Searches outlines any possible issues with the property and serves as reassurance for both you and your lender that the property is in good order. Attwells would always recommend cash buyers have searches carried out too.

You have your moving date 90%
You are nearly there…
  • Exchange Date – This is the moment everyone loves! It is when your moving date is confirmed.

  • Completion – Prior to completion we will receive your statement of funds required. Your funds will then be requested from your mortgage lender. Once we have your funds the keys will be released and you can move into your new home. Congratulations!

Congratulations! You can move into your new home 100%

Your North London conveyancing solicitors

All of our conveyancers are highly trained and supported by our property solicitors. This is one of the benefits of Attwells being a niche property law firm. In addition, we use client feedback to continuously improve our conveyancing service.

Attwells currently have three offices. Firstly, our head office, which is based on Princes Street, Ipswich, ideally located close to a number of local estate agents. Then we have our second office on North Hill in Colchester, which allows us to provide conveyancing across Essex. Finally, we also have an office in St John’s Wood, North London.

Are you buying with a partner?

If you are buying with a partner you may wish to consider completing a Declaration of Ownership. A Declaration of Ownership is a legal document that outlines the percentage of ownership for each person. This is particularly important if one person puts more money towards the home.

For example, Ms. Jones sold her apartment. She used the funds to purchase a house with Mr. Smith, but Mr. Smith did not have a property to sell or equal funds to contribute, so Ms. Jones would own a big percentage. However, unless this is documented legally by property solicitors, upon selling the house they purchased together, Mr. Smith would be entitled to half.

Our video helps to explain.

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Harpreet Kaila
Harpreet KailaHead of North London Conveyancing & Associate
I’m the Head of London Conveyancing where my team and I deal with a diverse range of conveyancing matters from a simple remortgage to the buying or selling of a studio apartment or multi-million-pound investments. Furthermore, I maintain relationships with local estate agents.

I relish helping my clients see transactions progress from the very initial terms of engagement stage until completion of registration.

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Conveyancing articles

We have taken the time to explain different parts of the conveyancing process and to offer practical advice. This is especially useful for first-time buyers. A lot of our articles have been written based on the personal experience of our team of property solicitors and clients. We hope you find the information useful. If you have an idea for an article, please speak to your conveyancer who will pass on your request.

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