Hi and welcome to today’s episode of the Property Pod, today I’m joined by Candy from the Federation of Small Businesses.

So tell me a bit about the Federation of Small Businesses. 0:22 seconds

So what struggles are local businesses facing currently? 3 minutes, 1 second

Do you think the pandemic has impacted that in terms of skills shortages and recruitment? 5 minutes, 2 seconds

What is your advice for struggling businesses? 7 minutes, 39 seconds

How can business owners improve their cash flow? 9 minutes, 47 seconds

How can an SME owner cut down on costs and save money? 12 minutes, 50 seconds

How do you think small to medium-sized businesses are adapting to the new normal now that we’re moving out of the pandemic? 14 minutes, 44 seconds

What do you feel are the main challenges coming out of the pandemic to small-to-medium sized-businesses 17 minutes, 51 seconds

How have you seen the cost of living and inflation impact businesses locally? 19 minutes, 3 seconds

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*This episode was filmed in August 2022.*