Remove a person from a mortgage or deed

Transfer of Ownership

At Attwells Solicitors we have a dedicated specialist Property Transfer Team to assist you with a Transfer of Ownership. We can help you to remove a person from your mortgage or deeds and undertake the required conveyancing work.

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What is a Transfer of Ownership?

A Transfer of Ownership (sometimes referred to as a Transfer of Equity) refers to the process of changing the ownership of a property by adding or removing a person from the property deed and mortgage if you have one.

Typically a Transfer of Ownership is used using during a separation when two cohabiting people no longer wish to live together.

  • We have a specialist Property Transfer Team

  • Use straightforward language

  • Can talk in person, over the phone, over email or via Teams or Zoom

  • Offer same day call backs, if you call before 3pm

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How long does a Transfer of Ownership take?

A Transfer of Ownership is effectively conveyancing, although there isn’t a chain involved. The process includes searches, land registry checks, and reviewing the transfer documents. According to a recent article published by Rightmove conveyancing in 2022 is taking 150 days. This is from when a property is sold subject to contract up until the point of moving home. This is 66 days longer than in 2019 when it took 8-12 weeks, but this timeframe is still quoted by most solicitors today.

However, our conveyancing median in 2022 is 126 days from the day you instruct us to the day you move home. As a result, by instructing Attwells you could move home faster.

For more information about timescales please download our PDF guides. For purchasing please click here. For Selling please click here.

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Who will do my Transfer of Ownership?

We have a specialist team dedicated to Transfer of Ownerships. The team comprises of comprises paralegals, qualified conveyancers, and senior solicitors with 9 years of experience working in residential conveyancing.

How much does a Transfer of Ownership cost?

Every Transfer of Ownership fee is based on individual circumstances, therefore we can’t offer you an exact price, but our legal fee range is from £400.00 to £900.00 plus VAT.

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