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Transfer of Ownership

Also known as a Transfer of Equity, this is a way of removing an ex or a person from a mortgage or a deed.

A Transfer of Ownership allows you to transfer part or all of your property to another person. This can be vital for several reasons, but most commonly it’s due to a relationship breakdown. The process allows you to legally add or remove a person from the property title deeds, leaving at least one of the original owners in place.

However, if no original owner is remaining on the title deeds, you would require our conveyancing services, as this would become a sale or a purchase rather than a Transfer of Equity, even if no money changes hands.

Moving in together?

We are often called upon to add people to the title on marriage, moving in together, or for tax planning reasons. We are also often asked to remove names from title documents where there is a relationship breakdown or the death of the owner.

Even though there may be agreement as to what needs to happen to the property, it is often difficult to know how to put this into practice. This is where Attwells are able to assist. A Transfer of Equity is often much simpler than a sale or purchase and often does not require any searches or enquiries.

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Transfer of Ownership FAQs

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What is included in the price?

  • Firstly, we will draw a Transfer Deed to transfer the ownership of the property

  • Secondly, we will obtain relevant signatories

  • Next, we will deal with your lender’s consent to the transfer (where applicable)

  • Lastly, we will deal with your remortgage (where applicable)

  • Dealing with your landlord’s requirements for the transfer  (where applicable)

What is not included?

  • Tax advice

  • Anything not listed as included above

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Possible Disbursements

Depending on your circumstances, Stamp Duty Land Tax may be payable. This has not been included in the quote. If SDLT is due, an additional £75 + VAT will be added to your quote for completing and filing the SDLT return. Land Registry Fees are due and will be payable based upon the purchase price. The Final Search Fee will be £20 plus VAT and Title Search Fee will be £20 plus VAT for a freehold or £30 plus VAT for a leasehold. We also have an additional fee scale you may wish to refer to.

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