Fees will be payable on producing the documents for you to sign.  If you decide to withdraw instructions part way through the work we are undertaking for you, a proportionate part of the fee will be payable.  This will be limited to the amount of the deposit that we will ask for upfront.

Additional pricing options:

  • A single will and couples LPAs for £700 plus VAT
  • Couples Wills and one LPA each for £900 plus VAT

What is included in the price for a Will:

  • Our initial meeting (whether in person, over the phone or via Skype)
  • Producing a draft of your Will
  • Appointing executors
  • Appointing guardians
  • Monetary gifts
  • Small gifts of personal possessions
  • A gift of the remainder of the estate
  • Provisions for Simple funeral wishes
  • Liaising with you to ensure you are happy with your Will
  • Preparing the final version of your Will
  • Arranging signatures to the Will
  • Storage of your Will in our secure bank vault (if required)
  • Writing to your executors to advise them of where the Will is located (if required)
  • One certified copy of your Will

What is excluded from the price for a Will

  • Severing the tenancy of your property (if needed)
  • Preparing a letter of wishes (if needed)
  • A large number of monetary gifts
  • Tax planning and advice
  • Trusts
  • The right for someone to live in your property after your death
  • Making provisions for someone who is disabled
  • Gifts with conditions or restrictions attached
  • Planning for care home fees
  • Disposal of business or agricultural assets
  • Foreign assets
  • Domicile issues
  • Issues relating to capacity
  • Matters not covered by a Simple Will