Is this not just a HIP?

This is not a HIP. The pack will contain official searches whereas a HIP had personal searches which are not acceptable to all lenders or solicitors so these will not need to be re-done by the buyer’s solicitors. The pack is being prepared by a lawyer, not an IT platform so all of the information will have been checked and qualified by a lawyer. So, the information that is being provided is meaningful and allows for your sale to proceed with speed.

Move Ready is an exclusive service from Attwells Solicitors. This new approach to conveyancing allows homeowners to sell their homes faster by up -fronting most of the conveyancing legal paperwork free of charge, provided you instruct Attwells to do the conveyancing. You must instruct Attwells’ Move Ready service before or at the same time as you go to market with an estate agent.

The benefits to Move Ready are that the following legal requirements will be completed prior to an offer being made:

  • Ownership documents
  • Planning, building regulations, and guarantees
  • The usual enquiries of the seller
  • Replies to the anticipated enquiries of a buyer
  • Searches of all the relevant authorities

By providing all the upfront information on your property you are reducing the risk of the sale falling through by 50%

5 ways you can move home faster

1: Get off to a flying start – Using our online conveyancing calculator means that you can get an instant quote 24/7; including a breakdown of costs involved in your purchase or sale, such as legal fees, HMRC stamp duty, and HM land registry fees.

2: Order time-consuming items – The earlier you can start to organise paperwork such as a management pack, searches, and redemption calculations the quicker the process will be.

3: Be proactive By staying on top of the process and pre-empting the next stage you can prepare documents and information in advance.

4: Use the telephone and not email – It’s good to talk! And picking up the phone for a conversation is much quicker and more effective than waiting for your email to reach the top of a busy inbox.

5: Communication is key – It’s in your estate agent’s best interest to see your transaction progress. Build relationships with your agent and use them to assist and chase also.

If you follow our tips and ensure that you enlist the best possible legal support, you may be able to move home faster.

You can receive a quote online or you can speak to our enquiries team by calling 01473 229 200 today.

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