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Attwells Solicitors offer individual legal services alongside our core discipline of conveyancing and property law.

We understand many of our personal law services are required during extremely emotional and challenging times and therefore we employ a friendly simplified approach to law. This ensures you will be fully aware and in control of your legal matter.

Our solicitors will offer you the best possible advice, time, knowledge, and know-how to make informed decisions regarding your life. In addition, we will always aim to save you money. To this end, all our services can be instructed under fixed fee terms.

We provide a full range of personal law services for you and your family such as:

  • Property Law – Lease Extensions are a way for leaseholders, traditional people who live in apartments, to extend their leasehold agreements. A leasehold agreement should not be less than 80 years.

    Declaration of Ownership is a legal agreement that sets out percentages of the property owned by individuals. This is particularly useful if you are buying the property as an unmarried couple and one person is putting in more money into the property.

    Transfer of Ownership is the legal process of passing ownership of a property or a share of a property to someone else. The most common example of this is when a couple breaks up, one person may buy the other person out.

    Property Disputes can be a range of arguments that occur over a property, access or arguments with neighbours are typical examples.

  • Personal Law – Our Personal Law services are typically linked to property law. These include Will Writing, Probate, and other protection agreements such as Power of Attorney. They also include Equity Release, Disputes, and select Personal Injury matters.

  • Employment Law – Typically for individuals our Employment Law services concern Settlement Agreements and Employee Legal support. Should you be an SME, our Business Owner tab contains a fuller range of services.

    For reference, a Settlement Agreement is a legal document that confirms the terms of redundancy or dismissal. The employer normally pays for this service however, in some cases the employee may wish to negotiate the terms. This would be done as a fixed fee, payable by the employee.

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Personal Law articles

We have taken the time to explain different parts of the law and to offer practical advice. A lot of our articles have been written based on the personal experience of our team of solicitors, support staff, and clients. We hope you find the information useful. If you have any idea for an article, please speak to your solicitor who will pass on your request.

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