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Promotion Agreements

A promotion agreement is a method of landowners sharing the profit achieved from land development whilst minimising the risk.

To benefit from a promotion agreement you need to be a landowner with land likely to be granted planning permission.

A land promoter, who is similar to an estate agent will instruct an architect and submit a planning application to the local council. This can be a costly process, especially if planning is not granted with ease. However, due to the promotion agreement, you do not bear any of the costs or risks associated. Once obtained planning permission will increase the value of the land and development interest. The promoter will then find a property development company to undertake the required building work before selling the newly built properties.

How much could I make from a promotion agreement?

By entering into a promotional agreement you are entering into an agreement to sell your piece of land to a property developer for a sum of money and to give a percentage of that sum to a land promoter. Typically this sum of money is between 20% to 30% of the growth development value (GDV).  For example, if on your land 8 detached house valued at £350,000 were built, the GDV would be £2,800,000. Meaning if your promotional agreement terms stated that you received 30% you and the land promoter would make £840,000. This would then be divided between you and the land promoter.

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Reasons for entering into a promotional agreement

If you wish to enter into a promotional agreement with a land promoter you will require a specialised lawyers. Most landowners will enter into a promotional agreement to sell their land whilst maximising their potential profit and minimising their risk.

Equally, as a landowner, you could be approached by a land promoter who offers you a promotional agreement opportunity.

Promotional agreements  – Land & property law experts

Attwells Solicitors specialise in land and property law. Our team of solicitors help landowners across the East of England sell their plot of land. Equally, we also support land promoters and property developers. Our fixed fees and transparent pricing allow for certainty over cost, while our team of development solicitors have the expertise required to achieve the sale of your land quickly and effectively.

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