Transfer of Equity – What is and is not included:

What is included in your Quote

  • Drawing a Transfer Deed to transfer the ownership of the property (where applicable).
  • Approving a Transfer Deed to transfer the ownership of the property.
  • Obtaining relevant signatories.
  • Registration of the transfer with Land Registry (where applicable).

What is not included in your Quote

  • Tax advice.
  • An investigation of the property title and searches.
  • Advice on the transfer and the nature of the agreement between the parties.
  • Anything not listed as included above.

The fees quoted are based on the information you have given us to produce this quote. Sometimes there are unexpected issues or the matter is more complex than first thought and therefore additional services may be needed. Please see attached a list of some of the things that could be needed.

When will you be billed?

These services can be provided if required and we can discuss the fees for this if needed.

What timescales am I looking at?

The timescale for a transfer of equity will depend on how quickly all parties have received the advice that they may need and are happy to sign the transfer deed.

I shall approve the transfer deed within 7 days of receiving instructions and a copy of the title for the property.

If there is to be a new mortgage or lenders consent to the transfer, I anticipate this could add a further two weeks to the timescale.

If another third party needs to consent to the transfer such as a landlord for a leasehold property, this could add further time to this timescale and I should be able to advise further once I know of all parties involved and their requirements.

I will do my best to meet your specific timeframe but these timescales are indicative only. I will advise you if for any reason these timescales do not appear achievable.

Third Party costs

The third party charges quoted are an indication at this stage based on what we know about your matter. If these change at any point, we will notify you before any cost is incurred. We will take £250.00 from you to cover upfront third party costs and our fees once your matter is underway.

Where a TT fee is being charged, this is a legal fee payable to Attwells for the time spent by out cashiers carrying our anti-fraud checks and setting up and processing payments to third parties which include (but is not limited to) you, other solicitors, mortgage companies, HMRC, Management Companies. This is not a fee charged by the bank to Attwells.

SDLT and Land Registry fees are calculated based on the value or the price paid for a property and if the property price changes, so may the figures quoted.