Letter Before Action

We will prepare a case specific letter to your debtor demanding payment of the sums due to you. Our fee includes taking your instructions, preparing the letter, sending the letter by post and email, receipting and reply and forwarding that reply to you with a  request for your further instructions. The fee excludes any work in respect of advising on subsequent strategy or the merit of any defence raised by the debtor. We will provide fixed and reasonable fee quotes for subsequent work on a case by case basis according to the nature of the issues involved.

Issuing Court Claim

For this fee we will prepare and file a court claim in respect of your debt. Our fees do not include the cost of time spent reporting to you on and advising on the merit of any defence.

County Court Judgement

This is the fee that we charge for entering Judgment against the Debtor in the event that the debtor does not respond to the claim.