What is the timescale for buying a property? Whilst there may be unavoidable delays, we pride ourselves on transaction times that are four times faster than the national average:

  • Week 1 to 2:  Instruct Attwells, pay money on account and provide evidence of your cash funds. You should instruct your mortgage valuation and survey.

  • Week 3: Attwells will undertake searches of the local utilities and authorities. Attwells will receive a draft contract and ownership information from the buyer’s solicitors.

  • Week 3 to 6: Attwells reviews and approves the contract. We will also review the ownership information and raise enquiries with the seller and receive satisfactory replies. Attwells receives results of all searches of the statutory authorities.

  • Week 7 to 8: Attwells send reports on the property, contract, and mortgage and obtain confirmation of how you will own the property. Attwells will send you documents to sign and require a 10% deposit to be paid.

  • Week 9 to 11: The moving date is agreed. All documents and the deposit are received from you. The contract is now exchanged – the purchase is now binding.

  • Week 12: You now have a guaranteed moving date. You can make arrangements and start packing. You will need to sign the completion documents. You will receive from Attwells a statement as to the money required to complete. This must be transferred in good time for completion.

Please note: Attwells Solicitors have produced this timescale as a guide only. Your transaction may take longer depending on your circumstances. A leasehold may take 4 plus weeks longer. For more information, please contact your conveyancer. www.attwells.com.

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