What should buyers consider when purchasing a property at auction? 0:17 seconds

How do you help with the property-buying process? 3 minutes, 40 seconds

What risks can buyers face when purchasing a property and how can you help? 4 minutes, 59 seconds

Are there any specific laws or regulations that buyers need to think about when buying a property at auction and how can you assist them with this? 6 minutes, 48 seconds

What should buyers do in terms of due diligence and legal preparations before participating in a modern auction? 8 minutes, 28 seconds

What legal implications are there when buying a property at auction with existing tenants or lease agreements involved? 10 minutes, 10 seconds

What are the typical fees involved in hiring a solicitor? 11 minutes, 36 seconds

Can you explain the steps involved from bidding to ownership transfer? 12 minutes, 19 seconds

How do property auctions differ from traditional real estate transactions in terms of procedures and buyer protections? 14 minutes, 39 seconds

What happens if a buyer discovers defects or undisclosed issues with a property after they win it at auction? 15 minutes, 49 seconds