Why could my buyer be able to exchange contracts that quickly?

Why would my buyer be able to exchange that quickly?

As we will have undertaken all the required searches and carried out a thorough review of the results and your title and will provide our findings in advance to the buyer’s solicitors, their title investigation will therefore take them less time as we will have pre-empted and solved any potential issues.

For example, if there are planning permissions needed that are revealed in the searches, we will obtain these and include them in your Move Ready pack.

If there are title defects, we will have already obtained an insurance policy to cover the risk and solve the issue.

At what point are we legally committed to the sale?

Once contracts are exchanged, you’re legally committed to the sale.

Before you sign on the dotted line, make sure you’re committed. If you decide to pull out after exchanging, you will be in breach of that contract and may have to pay penalty costs.

What are the timescales for exchange and completion once I return my documents to you?

What are the timescales for exchange and completion once I return my documents to you? An approximate timescale is eight to ten weeks however each conveyancing transaction is different and it is not possible to give a more detailed timescale at this stage. We will deal with your work as quickly as possible however the transaction can really only progress as quickly as the slowest party in the chain. Your appointed conveyancer will be able to discuss this with you in more detail and will keep you updated on progress as the transaction progresses.

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