In this week’s episode of ‘The Property Pod,’ I interview Wendy Whittaker-Large, HMO investor and founder of HMO Success, Best Nest and Best Nest Egg and we discuss everything you need to know about house in multiple occupation (HMO) investment. 

So tell us a bit about your company HMO Success? 0:37 seconds 

What do you think is the best way to get started as a property investor? 2 minutes

What do you think are the advantages of investing in a house of multiple occupancy as opposed to an apartment? 3 minutes, 27 seconds

How much money do you think you need to invest to get started in an HMO? 5 minutes, 35 seconds

In your opinion, how long do you think it takes to buy an HMO? 7 minutes, 34 seconds 

What obligations does an HMO landlord have? 9 minutes, 7 seconds

Who is responsible in an HMO for maintaining the communal areas? 10 minutes, 55 seconds

What kind of return on investment should people expect from an HMO? 11 minutes, 58 seconds 

What’s the best way to add value to an HMO? 13 minutes, 24 seconds

What’s the best way to advertise an HMO property? 16 minutes, 5 seconds

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