When looking for a job, a covering letter can be just as important as your CV if done effectively. This is due to it complementing your CV and showing how your experiences are relevant to the job being applied for. Finding a job is a competitive field, and you want to make yourself stand out amongst the crowd. A covering letter enables you to do this and allows you to impress the recruiters setting you apart from the rest. After all, the main goal is to impress the recruiters to attain an interview where you can really explain and show who you are.

As a covering letter provides an employer with their first impression of you, it’s important to get it right. Making sure it is of high quality, without error. Below are some tips for when you write your covering letter.

Having a strong opening in your cover letter

Your covering letter should start with why the job is exciting to you and what you bring to the table. It’s advisable to not start with ‘I’m applying for X job that I saw in Y place’ as this is overused. Thus you will not standout.

Making sure to stay concise

Keep your covering letter short and snappy. You want to stand out, so its best practice to keep your letter clear. You want your writing to be relevant to the job at hand. It’s easily done to want to include as many details as possible of your previous work experience. However, employers are only interested in the most relevant facts relating to the advertised position.

Do not just copy your CV, your covering letter should be unique

Your covering letter is complementary to your CV, so it’s important not to repeat what is already said. Expand upon what aspects of your skills, hobbies qualifications and background made you particularly interested in the role. You should also include how they make you an exceptional candidate. For example, at Attwells client care is one of our core values as can be seen from our reviews. Someone with a customer service background may fit in well with these values.

Get feedback on your letter

You should share your letter with a few people to gain feedback on it. A second pair of eyes can help to perfect your covering letter, as they can ensure that your tone is consistent and that you’re not over or underselling yourself.

Once finishing your covering letter, you may be interested in some of the opportunities we offer at Attwells Solicitor’s. Check out our vacancies page where we regularly update with new job opportunities.