Poonam, a dedicated paralegal, shares her insights on working in conveyancing and her approach to ensuring a seamless house-moving process for clients. Conveyancing, though it presents challenges, also offers opportunities for exceptional customer service.

Conveyancing is not a legal area that demands a confrontational approach. Conveyancing is a process and a mutual understanding between all parties, whereby the sellers want to sell and the buyers want to buy, ultimately working towards the same goal. In light of this, it becomes imperative to provide our clients with the best possible service.

At Attwells, we take pride in providing a service that is professional, polite and progressive. We work with our clients to help them achieve the results they want in a timely manner whilst making the transaction a memorable one. With our jargon-free approach, we aim to help clients understand the process and factor in their requirements and external influences.

We know at times it can be a great challenge when clients become demanding or are unrealistic in their expectations. My observations over time have led me to understand that it has become easier to send an email to clients to help ease the situation, should one arise. However, I believe picking up the telephone to your clients and speaking with them helps immensely. The telephone conversation enables you to have open and clear communication to help better understand your client’s requirements. By breaking the ice you’re building a positive rapport with your clients and creating a trust element.

Not only does this help create a better working relationship between you and your client. It encourages growth within your job. Your role becomes more enjoyable and you reap the rewards of positive customer service. Be it kind words from clients, a thank you card or a glowing online review- they all make your role meaningful and uplift your spirits.

From personal experience, I find first-time buyers require a little extra attention. As the transaction progress, clients can become repetitive and ask questions again and again. I have understood that no question is too small or silly and explaining the legality to your client in layman’s terms it helps steer your clients in a more practical approach.

With strict deadlines and high caseloads it’s important that we always remain calm and encourage our clients to open up should they have concerns. At times this can be difficult as we too are human and anxiety slowly starts to rear its ugly head.

I have found an extremely helpful tool to help me remain calm and focus on the task at hand and that is to build a strong relationship with your clients is to place yourself in their shoes. This puts into perspective where they are coming from and allows you to assess if they understand the process need further assistance.

To help reduce anxiety and fear from both ends I feel it is vital that we be kind and remain mindful. By prioritising clear communication, building strong relationships, and maintaining a focus on client’s needs, conveyancing professionals can make a positive difference in the lives of those going through the process of moving house. For more information, please email Poonam.jaswal@attwells.com