After watching comedian Geoff Norcott investigating “Is University Really Worth It?” On BBC last week it made me even more proud of Attwells’ apprenticeship programme.

For students wishing to gain a higher education financial pressures can impact the experience. The soaring costs of living coupled with the burden of University fees is the biggest challenge for young people and often can disrupt peoples’ academic possibilities.

Accommodation expenses represent a significant portion of a student’s budget in cities like London where universities are located, where the cost of renting a room is extortionate. Many students are forced to settle for substandard living conditions, which take a toll on their university experience and finances.  London in particular has a huge problem according to quoted as saying “the cost of housing in London varies with furnished accommodation in an expensive area costing around £2,500 per month and a furnished studio flat in an average area costing around £1,200 per month.” And it’s not just accommodation. The UK is currently in a cost of living crisis which means expenses on all everyday things such as food and travel have also increased.

University is expensive if you take into account not just the cost of living on top of tuition fees. Students can apply for loans and grants to help. Maintenance loans are dependent upon your household’s earnings and therefore often do not cover the whole amount needed, leaving students having to take more and more hours of part-time work alongside studying or relying on their parents to send them money.  Money Saving Expert has a calculator that confirms the amount the government are assuming parents will contribute depending on their income. This is not always possible which is what causes the problem(!England). The Higher Education Policy Institute found that “on average students did paid work for 13.5 hours each week with 14% saying they needed the income to pay for basic costs such as food and rent.” Doing too much work alongside studying can have an impact on students’ grades as well as their enjoyment of the experience.

The main reason to go to university is to gain an education but this can now be done via an apprenticeship or other routes. The main advantage of University has traditionally been the face-to-face learning from experts and the social experience. According to the BBC programme “Is University Really WorthIt?”, since the Covid pandemic some Universities have remained more online with less face-to-face tuition and support, with a number of universities closing buildings down to save cost. In addition to this, social life can be limited if you have no money left in the budget for these activities. Of course, different universities and different people will have different experiences, but good face-to-face tuition and support, along with a good social life is certainly not guaranteed at university.

So if you want a higher education what other choice do you have? Degree apprenticeships are becoming more common in areas such as law, medicine, accounts, business and much more.

On an apprenticeship, you are earning money while gaining an academic qualification, which overall leads to less financial pressure. At Attwells we offer a number of apprentice roles. Opportunities include a property-specific program to become a qualified Licenced Conveyancer in 3 to 4 years or a Solicitor apprenticeship to have a law degree and become a qualified Solicitor in around 6 years.  Our opportunities are across all three of our offices – Ipswich, Colchester and London.

We are currently recruiting for a Property Lawyer Apprentice in our London office. which could help those interested in seeking a career in Law without having the financial burden of University. At the end of the qualification, you gain a degree equivalent qualification of a Level 6 Diploma in Conveyancing Law and Practice.

Times have changed and more opportunities are arising in different professions which were once inaccessible without attending University. So is University worth it? That is for you to decide.

If you want to discuss our opportunities in more detail please call Charlotte Reason on 01473229885.

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