As you start to research routes into law you may come across two options, becoming a licensed conveyancer ( CLC) or a solicitor. Here at Attwells, we offer the opportunity to do either. Both options have advantages, and it can come down to your goals. In this post, we will explain the advantages to both.

Becoming a Licensed Conveyancer


If you are interested in property law and enjoy this area of law, becoming a licensed conveyancer is an excellent fit.  Licensed conveyancers specialise in property matters meaning they become experts in buying, selling and transferring properties and excel in this specific area.

Faster Entry

The path to becoming a CLC is quicker compared to a solicitor due to the focus on one area of law. It allows you to progress in property law faster and therefore become more valuable to your firm quicker. You therefore may earn a higher salary than those who took the solicitor route and be able to stop studying earlier.


Attwells do have opportunities where we pay for the cost of the CLC, but if you are self-funding it may be important to consider cost. The modules you take are all relevant to property law and due to them being more specific are more cost-effective.

Becoming a Solicitor


Studying to be a solicitor allows you to enjoy a broader range of legal matters. You could handle a range of legal matters such as family, criminal, commercial, private client, property and lots of other areas. This allows for a rounded foundation to start your legal career.

Advocacy and Representation

Solicitors depending on what area of law they do can represent clients in court and argue cases in front of judges and juries.


Being a solicitor allows you more options in regard to what area of law you qualify for and what work you take on.

Before deciding I recommend you do your own research. The SRA has information about how to be a solicitor on their website and the CLC has a website with how to be a licensed conveyancer. You should ask yourself what legal fields most interest you and if you are unsure work experience in a law firm may help.

In conclusion, both paths have their merit and offer great career opportunities. It really will come down to personal preferences and career goals.

If you would like to learn more about a career in law, visit our careers page.