Hi and welcome to today’s episode of the Property Pod, today I’m joined by Gavin and Samantha from our Litigation team and we discuss transferring a property into a business.   

So tell me a bit about Scrutton Bland? 0:23 seconds

What is meant by transferring a property into a business 0:49 seconds

Do you have to own a business first to be able to do this? 1 minute, 15 seconds

What are the benefits of transferring property into a business? 1 minute, 35 seconds

And what are the disadvantages? 2 minutes, 27 seconds

Is there a recommended number of properties that you should own before transferring a property into a business? 5 minutes, 51 seconds

Do you need an accountant to undertake your bookkeeping and accountancy once your property is owned as a business? 6 minutes, 36 seconds

How can Scrutton Bland help people to transfer their properties into a business? 6 minutes, 59 seconds

Do businesses still have to pay stamp duty? 7 minutes, 40 seconds

What happens to the profits from rent received from selling a property? 8 minutes, 12 seconds   If you enjoyed this episode, don’t forget to like, share and subscribe!